Growing Bonsai From Seed

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This excellent guide to growing bonsai from seed is courtesy of Xavier De Lapeyre of Bonsai Mauritius

Growing Bonsai From Seed: Page 2 of 6

bonsai from seed

I also placed seeds in other containers; these were treated the same. Wait for the seeds to sprout and be strong enough for transplantation.

bonsai from seed

Stage 2 : Prepare Sapling for bonsai life
The taproot is removed first, then the lateral roots are spread into a desired radial shape to become the future nebari of the tree.

The main trunk is way too thin for bonsai at this stage and the seedling needs to be allowed to grow, and grow freely, to thicken the trunk first.

Removing the taproot and spreading the lateral roots are probably the two most important actions at this stage.

The taproot is usually a long vertical root that is used by the plant to anchor the plant into the ground. Over the years, as the plant grows, this taproot grows deeper and thicker. It will also create lateral roots that will go in search of nutrition in the ground. As the tree becomes mature, some of the taproot dies and rots away, leaving only the lateral roots to hold the tree into the ground.

In a bonsai, you don't need that anchoring root structure, and we need to remove the taproot to be able to place the plant successfully into a shallower pot. The advantage of a seed over a nursery material or a yamadori material is that we can arrange the lateral roots earlier for a superior nebari in the future.

bonsai from seed

Young pomegranate sapling

bonsai from seed

The taproot has been removed and the lateral roots spread about

bonsai from seed


bonsai from seed

Processing several seedlings

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